Holistic Learning in Austin, Texas.

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The Whole Life Learning Center offers a holistic, integrated curriculum for ages 3 through 14. We are located in South Austin where we steward two beautiful acres, complete with a food forest, gardens, pond, geodesic dome, and chickens!

Whole Life Mentors work with learners in small, mixed-age groups to develop Learning Plans based on their inspirations and academic goals. Mentors support each learner in setting their goals, working towards them, fulfilling them, and reflecting on the whole process. Mentors contribute to the reflective process by compiling their learning observations in Seasonal Reviews.

Whole Life Mentors have a radical respect for the child, recognizing his or her whole being – mind, body, heart, and spirit – and supporting growth in each of these realms. Whole Life Mentors are willing and able to look at their own process, engaging in self-inquiry, speaking and acting with self-awareness, and developing and living their own Learning Plans.

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