Our Mission

The mission of the Whole Life Learning Foundation is to increase educational opportunities in central Texas for those in need by providing tuition assistance and scholarships.

Your Contribution

Every penny you contribute supports accessibility and the depth of experience for our growing community. You can donate a one time contribution or set up a monthly contribution using paypal, debit or credit cards by following the link below.

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Whole Life Learning Center

We are a Pre-K through 8th grade independent school in Austin, Texas, offering an innovative and holistic model of education. 

The “holistic” approach to education is nothing new – it’s simply a natural approach to learning. Great humanistic thinkers and educators through the centuries (Pestalozzi, Tolstoy, Montessori, Steiner) have espoused this same ideal, honoring the natural development of the child, rather than a superficially imposed curriculum.

At Whole Life Learning Center, we nurture genius. We develop thinkers who innovate, children who express compassion, and learners who explore and engage. We create a learning context where natural inspirations drive the desire to learn.

OUR MISSION is to inspire lifelong learners, creative change-makers, and conscientious leaders for a more equitable, just and sustainable world.

Mailing Address:

Whole Life Learning Foundation
10801 Old San Antonio Rd
Austin, TX 78748​

Phone: 512-676-5898

Email: info@wholelifelearningfoundation.org